Wendy Oldfield     Singer.        Make-up & Hair: Piers Braybrooke. Styling: Terena le Roux.

Amanda Coetzer     Tennis Professional       Make-up: Deidre Holtzer. Hair: Ronel Cronjé. Stylist Kim Davies.

Anita Olckers     Model        Make-up & Hair: Deidre Holtzer.

Anri van Rensburg     Model       Hair: Amanda Lourens. Styling: Wynand Bezuidenhout.  Make-up: Grant Letley.

Anne Vine-Morris     International Model   Make-up & Hair: Lara Whitehead. Stylist: Terry Levine.

Candice Rabinowitz     Model        Make-up & Hair: Penelope Rose.  Stylist: Kim van Eck.

Anri van Rensburg     Model          Hair: Amanda Lourens. Styling: Wynand Bezuidenhout.  Make-up: Grant Letley.

Candice Hillebrand          TV Presenter.      Make-up & Hair: Piers Braybrooke. Stylist: Kim van Eck.

Carry Read     Model of the Year, 1984.        Make-up: Lesley Whitby. Hair: Paul Confait.  Styling by Andrew Chandler.

Carol Anne Becker          Miss RSA & Miss Universe Entrant.        Make-up: Penelope Rose. Hair: Ronel Cronje.

Francis van Rensburg     International Model   Make-up & Hair: Penelope Rose. Styling: Wynand Bezuidenhout. Body Painting: Michelle Ingoglia

Christel Smith     TV presenter and LA Actress.  Make-up: Colleen Carol. Hair: Sonja Donnachie. Styling: Maaike Bestebroer.

Michélle Van Breda          Editor at Sarie, South Africa    Make-up: Leslie Whitby. Hair: Amanda Lourens. Styling: Chris Viljoen.

Leigh Toselli           Beauty Editor, Model & Stylist.   Make-up: Melody Cokayne. Freelance. Hair: Nolan Dickinson. Styling: Piers Braybrooke

Sandy Ngema     TV Presenter and Actress       Make-up: Lesley Whitby. Hair: Amanda Lourens.  Styling: Chris Viljoen.